Scouring the forgotten past for answers—scrutinising the genesis of civilisations in a world of the Uncivilised. An Atheist shunned by a stark religious background. A passionate reader of myths and legends, holding my allegiance to none draws me closer to philosophy, Socratic philosophy; for I find it immaculate and least tainted by the uncanny dogmas of beliefs.

A Proud Bengalurean and a humanitarian—not a patriot—with a deep fondness for languages, family trees, and their origins. However, I hold deeper respect for Sanskrit and the highest regard for Kannada among others.

A rather unparalleled love for all that is old favours Shakespeare’s archaism over modern slang. A strange affinity for a comprehensive high fantasy makes me feel that Sauron and his Nazguls make a better and more intimidating adversaries than all the White walkers and the Dragons combined (Yes, I’m a great fan of Middle-Earth).

Ah, I’m also an Astronomy enthusiast and a Supercar addict.

P.S: I’m not a qualified Litterateur or a Historian.

P.P.S: I love everything that goes ‘And they lived happily ever after’


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