The Twins of Creation

Consider for a moment that you are in a realm of opposites, wherein literally everything has a mirror image of itself; you, me, and everything around us. Now, assume that when the mirror image comes in contact with the original stuff, they would just annihilate each other; cancelling out by releasing unimaginable energy.

Welcome to the world of Anti-matter! Well, let me clear things up.

The stuff which brings us all into existence, or, the fundamental element which makes up everything that you see around you is the atom, and that is what we call “Matter”. And matter is made up of 3 fundamental subatomic particles such as protons, electrons, and neutrons. Pretty simple, is it not?

Well, anti-matter is governed by the same rules as ordinary particles. Anti-matter is simply the other side of the same coin. It is similar to matter except that the subatomic particles are oppositely charged. They are made up of positrons (positively charged electrons), anti-protons (negatively charged protons), and anti-neutrons.


Assume that one kilogramme of hydrogen comes in contact with one kilogramme of anti-hydrogen. We know from Albert Einstein’s famous mass-energy equation E=mc² that energy and mass are interchangeable; with the speed of light remaining constant, the energy amounts to a stupendous 90,000,000,000,000,000 Joules. That’s huge! The energy stored in anti-matter is a billion times more than conventional fuels. A single gramme of anti-matter can create enough energy to drive a car a thousand times around the earth. Imagine how that could revolutionalize the world!

Theoretically, the Universe must have created equal amounts of matter and anti-matter particles during its creation. In other words, there must be an entire Anti-Matter article-1269288-095fbc16000005dc-551_634x447_popup-e1273007840660Universe that could annihilate all of creation (if at all they come in contact with each other); there must be an anti-matter twin to every matter in the Universe – another way of saying that parallel Universes, or a Multiverse consisting of multiple Universes like our own, must exist. Well, on paper, yes. The problem is that the deadly anti-matter Universe has gone missing.

As mentioned before, energy can create mass. If you concentrate huge amounts of energy into a tiny space, new particles come into existence, and they always come in pairs. antimatterProducts.jpgA fundamental rule of the thumb is that the universe maintains harmony by creating opposites; that for every yin, there must be a yang. Yet, we are only left with matter today. Where did all the anti-matter go? Nobody knows! Some Physicists conjecture that seconds after the Big Bang, most matter and all of the antimatter destroyed one another producing remarkable amounts of radiation that can still be seen today in the form of gamma rays and neutrinos. And about 100 millionths of the original amount of matter were left over, eventually creating the Universe we see today – from stars, planets, to life on earth; it seems like an implausible accident. But how did all the anti-matter disappear? Perhaps a tiny asymmetry existed between matter and anti-matter. Otherwise, there would be no particles at all in the universe; no stars, no planets, not even life.

If anti-matter is so powerful, why don’t we use them to serve our ever increasing power requirements? Well, there are no antimatter particles floating around in outer space. As of now, anti-matter can only be created in laboratories and it requires more energy to make them than we get back from them.


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