The Unspoken Need

When the Sun went across the distant sky
Swathed in flames; drinking aether dry,
His scions followed him close behind
Round their father, fearing his mind.
Stones they were, molten hot
Burning for aeons, knowing their father not;
After years of service under the Sun’s sway,
They steadied their spin, going farther away.
Days grew longer and smaller they became,
Passing their father every time they came.
Circling the Sun a billion times,
One o’ them made room for milder climes.
Thus began the journey of earth,
Spinning with life and mirth.
Out sprang the oceans, plants with life,
After a billion years of dust and strife.
The sky formed and wind rose;
Hurtling trees and hardened stones.
It was hard for the lives on earth,
For living had had no reason of worth.
Then came the Lad and the Lass
Walking the fields of wild grass.
On continents spreading far apart  
They had but only to look for food and depart.
In many places, they spread and settled,
Ploughing the earth; discovering several metals.
Food they prepared from animal and plant,
Until they became rare and scant…
Now the clouds took charge and broke asunder
Wreaking chaos till the skies thundered.
Climes changed and gales ceased
And man started tilling and increased.
Walking the land with crops he smeared
On earth that was well cleared.
Birds, beasts, and others he reared,
None other than his own he feared.
He explained the forces of nature
Water, Thunder, and Fire after his own culture.
Nothing stood in his way for ages
For he could take on nature’s challenges.
His cults made Gods surreal
Where God was good, just and ideal.
Though he made God, and scorned the rest,
His Gods seized his mind to create unrest.
Many a sword he took to fight,
To save his insignificant cult from morn to night.
Commandments he followed; terribly long,
knowing not that they were unjust and wrong
Treaties with people of high standard he made anew,
Words of honour he spake unto the world,
But when the time was right, he repudiated and curled;
Renouncing Sympathy, he loathed and slew.
Sacrifices he made to sprites of God,
Considering not the values of lives lost.
Discoveries and inventions he achieved,
But he could not address a man’s basic need.
– Immortal Chiron

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