The One True God…

Have you ever stopped to think why you believe what you believe? Have you stopped to consider why you chose the religion you chose? Why do you hold the Bhagavad Gita and not Torah as the only revealed word of God? Why do you consider Jesus Christ the only means to salvation and not the Four Noble Truths of Buddha? Does it not intrigue you that the faith in which you were born into was the dominant religion in your culture? Does it not make you apprehensive that the majority of all the believers adopt the religion which they were born into and still remain convinced that they have been divinely admitted into The one true faith. Every person, who follows his one true religion chooses beliefs, not because of its virtues or moral codes but rather because that’s the religion they were born into. Are you a Hindu just because you were born in India or a Christian because you were born in Europe? Can it be that faith is, in almost every case, just an accident of geography? Do you sincerely believe that had you been born in another country, you’d practice the same faith that you now embrace? Is the faith you practice that of your parents and their parents before them? Yet, you have not stopped to think why? Have you ever considered that there are 2 dozen major religions in the world, every theist just as devout and sincere as you are; they, too, read holy texts, follow God’s covenants, love him indescribably. Every devotee prays for the exact same reasons as you do and yet you’re a prudent atheist to all the other religions except your own!

Some or all of the aforementioned questions must surely sting a true believer. Let me bring in an example. The Jews have been following the Torah for nearly 3000 years now. Is it not ironic that the first 5 books of Torah or The Pentateuch, believed to be written by Moses himself on Mt.Sinai, gives a first-hand account of the death of Moses? Recent studies, in the 19th Century, have shown that there were, in truth, 4 different literary sources for The Old Testament (YHWH script circa 850BCE; God himself rescues his people, Elohim; circa 750BCE; God appears on the burning bush, Deuteronomy; 600BCE, and Priestly circa 500BCE; speaks about monotheism; a.k.a JEDP). Which one do the Jews believe? It seems like the Bible has been a big editing job for centuries!

Why did the Lord God, if he was The one true God of the earth, wreck the Egyptian Pharaoh’s entire army for the safe passage of the Israelites across the Red Sea? Doesn’t that mean that God was prejudiced and unjust; trying to help a certain faction of his earthly kingdom while forgetting the rest? Why did he not strike the Pharaoh but instead help Moses bring about the Plagues of Egypt by killing thousands of innocent citizens? The Abrahamic cults have a great number of contradictions and this holds good for other largely followed cults such as Hinduism and Buddhism.

We have all heard of Godly kings who have proclaimed themselves to be manifestations of Gods and demigods allegedly living for thousands of years. For example, Rama, from the Hindu legend Ramayana, is said to have lived for 11,000 years unscathed. Methuselah, the son of Enoch and the grandfather of Noah, revered in the book of Genesis, lived for 969 years. Is it not hard to believe such extravagant depictions? In Indian Mythology, however, it is assumed that God is also subject to Vidhi (loosely related to destiny) of which Karma (loosely related to Action/Fate) is a part. For, if Karma is able to enforce the consequences of action, the very need for God is debatable. After all, such contradictions are common and manifold in popular religions across the world. For example, In the story of Creation, the book of Genesis describes some major events in a different order making them mutually contradictive.

1. “God created plants on the third day and fish and birds on the fifth day. On the sixth day, He created animals and man” – Genesis 1:1-26

2. “God created man first. Then he created plants. Then, for man to have company, he created birds and animals. And finally, God created woman” – Genesis 2:7-25

The Genesis, revered by all the Abrahamic religions, is also the genesis of undisputed fabrication, or so it seems.

You, my dear reader, might consider this as sacrilegious, but the truth is, faith has been a great catalyst in the growth of civilisations but then, it has also got its drawbacks. For, faith is why we are what we are and it will also be a strong catalyst for the destruction of civilisations if it is fanatically followed. Faith has also been, in certain cases, the reason for the formation of countries or geographical regions united under the same or denominations of similar faith. After all, Patriotism (from Greek: Patris or “Fatherland”) was introduced by settlers of a particular land following the same or similar cult for several generations. This, over a period of time, is causing more harm to the society than anything else. In fact, faith has indirectly influenced devotees, so to say, to kill; sinning against the holy covenants that they hold dear and ardently worship. Lately, we have forgotten almost everything about humanity. We fight over fallen angels and sacred texts which, many of us wouldn’t have read once in our lifetimes even though our origins are entwined. Also, human migration has changed much of our perception towards our origins. Ultimately, Humanity is far more important than Belief or Patriotism and we all share a common extended family tree regardless of where we were born or to which cult we belong, do we not?

Who then is the One True God after all? You are! When you could create Gods, giving them unimaginable powers, you can undoubtedly do everything a God can.

Immortal Chiron


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